Song: Desperate Hour
Artist: Immediate Music

I started this video some time right after the episode where Owen died.... which - according to my HD - was March 2008. It's been sitting on my computer half finished since then. I never really got myself to finish it for one reason or another, but I finally sat down tonight and did the odd 20 seconds that were left to edit. It's a very short piece, but I still hope you enjoy it.

Download 11.1MB file here or stream here (registered users only).

Call me the ever forgetfull, but I finished this back in December and I have not posted it yet..... to my shame LOL

Song: Weapon of Choice
Artist: Fat Boy Slim

This video was done for Mr. Anderson who bought me at the last Sweet Charity auction. He wanted a D'Argo vid to this song, and this is the result. Hope you like it!


I'z made a vid, w00t w00t! And I all blame it on [personal profile] rhoboat . Yup, I totally do. Hope you enjoy!

Song: Red Mist
Artist: Jim Dooley

“When you have a secret, will you risk it to save a life?”

This is based on one of the teaser promos for the movie Twilight. rhoboat thought it would make a great Roswell trailer, and yup, she was right. Enjoy!

Song: Haunted
Artist: Evanescence

“Sometimes, the past doesn’t just catch up with you. It haunts you.”

This once again is one of my Alternative Universe vids. It has a story, yap, but I can’t really say what it’s about without giving away plot spoilers. I guess you just have to watch!

This video was originally intended to premiere at East Coast Moonlight Con in September ‘08 but alas, they forgot the disc and it wasn’t shown. I decided to sit on this for a little while and then entered this in the Mix and Match contest at Driver Picks The Music. Since that contest is finally over, the vid is ready to be shown to the public!

Download or view here:

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( Nov. 5th, 2008 05:57 pm)

Artists: Corner Stone Cues, Immediate Music, Within Temptation

Enjoy the trailer for the new supernatural movie "Moonlight", coming to a theater near you this fall!

I had quite some fun doing it, especially with the audio work on this one. 4 different songs mixed together with extra soundbytes all over the place. The original idea for the second part of the audio came from the "Babylon AD" movie trailer. I just love the Corner Stone Cues music, so I had to reuse it for this one. The finished trailer premiered during the video contest at Moonlight Gala in October and won the "movie trailer" category.

Song: Best I Ever Had
Artist: State of Shock

"I don't know if I can do this anymore."

What can I say, I am suck a sucker for Mick and Beth. I don't quite remember where I heard this song first, but when I heard it, I was "zoimg, that's so the last episode of Moonlight!" Had to sit down and vid it, and here it is! The finished video premiered during the video contest at Moonlight Gala in October and won the romance category.
Song: Requiem for a Tower 3 & 4
Artist: Corner Stone Cues

He has a secret that no one is supposed to know...

This is something different for a change. It's not your typical music vid, hence there is no streaming version of it. I played with both my video editing and graphics programs equally to make this vid. It is very much animated, so don't expect a slideshow. It's just.... different. It's a graphic novel type of vid, if that makes any sense at all *snicker*

I made this a little while ago and decided to sit on it and have it premiere at Vidukon.

I don't have a streaming version available of this vid as there's quite some text involved that became pretty much unreadable. So you'll have to download if you wanna watch...


Song: Love Remains
Artist: Gavin Rossdale
Fandoms used: Tristan & Isolde, Colditz, Moonlight

Centuries may pass but one thing always remains the same: love

The video is a little over 4 minutes long. I know, I know, that's long.... however, you have to remember that I am telling three stories in one go here. Hope you enjoy the result!

Muchas muchas muchas gracias to my lovely beta [ profile] rhoboat. Without you, the middle part so would have sucked LOL


Song: If I Was Your Vampire
Artist: Marilyn Manson
Spoilers: none really

Enjoy the trailer for Universal's new supernatural movie "Mick St. John", coming to a theater near you soon!

I love doing trailer spoofs. I haven't done one in a while though and never one for Moonlight. When I stumbled upon the "Max Payne" trailer though a few days ago, it just kept nagging me to redo it for Mick. Once I found out that the song used in the trailer was Marilyn Manson's song "If I Was Your Vampire", I was totally sold. Talk about coincidence! At first, I wanted to stick as close as possible to the "Max Payne" trailer but I gave up pretty soon and just told my own story. The only thing the two trailers still have in common is the music.

I CAN FINALLY POST THIS!!!! I've been sitting on this for oh so many months......

Song: Candyman
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Just a bunch of candymen in one vid *snicker* This was made for Club Vivid @ Vividcon 2008.

Thanks a bunch to [ profile] chocolatyshatnr, [ profile] effulgent_girl, [ profile] fahrbotdrusilla, [ profile] humansrsuperior, [ profile] ltgarrix and [ profile] rhoboat for the clip suggestions and help. I really appreaciated it!



Question: What's a vidfic?
Answer: A fic told in vid form

I was simply too damn lazy to sit down and write and since none of my friends volunteered to help me write the fic, I just went for the vid.....

So here goes:

Song: Toshiko and Tommy, Into the Hub, Owen Fights Death and Sleepers, Awake! (God, can I abuse Torchwood anymore than this?)
Artist: Murray Gold
Spoilers: episode 1×15

“We’re gonna get Jacob back. We have to.”


PS: If anyone wants to tackle my backstory for this vid which I wanted to tell in fic form... I am still all ears!
Song: It Ends Tonight
The All-American Rejects
Spoilers: up to episode 1x16

“Being a vampire isn’t all you are. It’s not what’s keeping us apart. It’s just you.”

I know this is nothing like the vids I have produced in the last few months when it comes to the visuals. I decided to go back to my roots for a change and just do something different. I keep telling people fast and prominent beats in songs make me bonkers so I tried really hard not to do beat-editing in this one and still make it flow with the music. Don’t know if I succeeded, but I think the output looks pretty LOL

Since this vid can cause sensory overload at times, I suggest you rather download it and watch it full screen on your computer if you can than streaming it on the website.

Song: Ordinary World
Artist: Duran Duran

To sum up this vid, I am just going to quote Donna: "Rose is coming back. Isn't that good?"

All those months ago, [ profile] principia_coh won me at the Sweet Charity auction and this was her song request for Doctor Who. I've actually been working on this vid on and off since April and had it about 75% finished... and all that went out the window once the last 3 episodes of season 4 came about. There is not one single clip left in this vid from that 3/4 finished vid. I completely revamped the vid and the storyline to reflect the events of the end of season 4.

There are spoilers for the whole of season 4 in this vid!


Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)
Performed by:
Ruthie Henshall and John Barrowman
Edited by: [ profile] jagwriter78  and [ profile] rhoboat 
Download here, stream here.

This was our secret project for [ profile] principia_coh  who won both of us at the Sweet Charity auction. [ profile] jagwriter78  edited the Doctor side of this video, [ profile] rhoboat  the other person's side. This turned out to be one crack!tastic video!

There are spoilers for up to The Stolen Earth in this video!

PS: [ profile] principia_coh, the other vids are still in the works ;)


Song: Hostage Crisis
Immediate Music

This is a very short crossover piece of Life on Mars and it’s sequel, Ashes to Ashes. Though they are both stuck in the past, Sam Tyler and Alex Drake couldn’t be any different.

Originally, I only meshed the audio together to do some audio editing. The resulting piece, however, sounded so compelling that I just had to turn this into a vidlet.

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( Mar. 17th, 2008 09:58 pm)

Song: Nexus 5
Artist: Immediate Music

My vidding muse is currently on vacation on a remote island and apparently seems to enjoy it there so much she doesn’t want to come back! So I am trying to get my groove back by doing short vidlets for stuff I haven’t vidded before.

This is a one minute teaser trailer for Stephen King’s The Mist. Yes, I am a horror freak, I admit it, and I *love* Stephen King! I watched this movie and there was a short scene in it that made me go, “hey, that could be a great opening scene for a trailer.” And from there it went…….


Song: Let It Burn
Artist: Immediate Music
Spoilers: 1×01

Sarah, John and Cameron fight for the future.

I was listening to Immediate Music yesterday and stumbled upon this song which immediately screamed The Sarah Connor Chronicles to me. Since the song is only about a minute in length, this vidlet isn’t much longer.


Song: Time Is Running Out
Spoilers: up to episode 1×11
Note: This video also contains footage of the movies Underworld and Dracula.

What if Mick had turned Beth at her request?

This video was pretty much a bitch to make..... The original storyline idea I had for this one was quite different, but since the footage I could grab from Underworld and Dracula was not alot, I had to revise my idea. It took me the better of 3 weeks to get this done and it's nothing like my original draft anymore!


Song: Convicted Dreamer
Artist: Immediate Music
Spoilers: episodes 1x01 and 1x08

So this is something different. Imagine a young Beth finds a book. And inside that book, she finds a story about a little girl - and that little girl just happens to be her.

I actually started to work on this with pretty much no idea what I wanted to do. I just love the music to bits and pieces and therefore it had to be vidded. It is different, I give you that....


Song: Serenata
Artist: Immediate Music

This is Army of Ghosts and Doomsday in less than 3 minutes..... It's a trailer type thing with a lot of.... sound. Yeah, definitely a lot of sound. I think I've gone a bit overboard with it..... wanna see a screenshot of Vegas? LOLOL

Download or stream (for registered users only cause you really want to watch this full screen).