Well, it's not really new as it's my dad's old cell. He got a new Nokia something something so I got his Motorola Razr V3i. I know it's an old phone, but it's way way WAY better than my current cell (and it's triband, w00t w00t!).

Anyways, the back of the phone is pretty badly scratched (dunno what dad did with it), so I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a place where I could buy some silicone cover skin for it for cheap? Other than eBay that is cause I rather not end up buying from someone who then ends up being in Asia which seems to be a common thing for cell phone accessories though they say they are located elsewhere. All I can get over here is some crappy leather pouch  (and you always have to remove the phone from the pouch to make a call) or clear plastic clip-ons which won't really cover the scratches on the phone.



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