Watch last night's episode of CSI. It is totally hilarious in a SciFi geeky way!! It was written by two writers from the new BSG and man, they took it to the extreme. This episode is going to be a total classic. Even if you don't like CSI, go watch this ep!!! If you like SciFi, you will ike this for the geeky aspect!

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OMG! Starbuck's a woman?!!!*@&$# \o/

Did you see the guest cameos? LOL!

Thanks so much for the rec. My inner geek is stuffed!

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Well, I caught Grace Parks and that was about it. Rho said Ron Moore was also around, but since he's BTS, I didn't know what he looked like. But yup, I saw Grace Parks......

When this ep airs over here, I really have to make my family *not* watch it. Otherwise, I will never hear the rest of it about how geeky I am going to SciFi cons and all XD

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Okay - I googled BTS and the only pertinent phrase Wiki came up with was "Behind the Scenes" - so here he is, if you don't mind my posting this....

Image (

He also "Hitchcocked" himself into the final scene of the BSG finale - if you have that somewheres you could probably spot him now at about 1:33.

yep, a total geek-fest. so many references. and "WhatIF-a-Con" just had me roflmao! again, thanks for the tip.
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And on a side note.... rho and I just watched Smile Time last night, thee heee heeee.... and your icon is not from that ep I reckon ;)

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Nope! It's from the hilarious Season 1 episode "The Bachelor Party" - but the image always makes me smile.

I love your icon - though I disagree that Poodles would be worth sticking around Earth for but what a funny bit of dialog that was and delivered perfectly!!!


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