If everyone is moving to Dreadmwidth, reserve me a code at some point :)

Now on to Planet of the Dead. Watched it yesterday and I must say, ugh..... I found it rather lame and disappointing. I mean, I was hoping for a bit more running and hopping and running and hopping (in other words: a teensy weensy bit more action). And if not more action, I was hoping for a bit more scare which, ugh, yeah, did not happen until..... well, it did not happen :( The only thing that really cracked me up was Malcom. Dude, yeah, really liked him. First the Doctor hang up on him and then Malcolm hung up on him XD Yup, he was funny. But the rest didn't do it for me. It was lacking on both the scare and action scale. Without one of either those I could have done, but without both... :( I really had the feeling "we have no money, we have no set, just stick them in the desert and let them wait it out." Let's hope the next one will be better!

Oh, and I betcha guys that we will see Easter special vids turning up today, tomorrow the latest.... ;)


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