I swear to God, I hate Daylight Savings Time! I pretty much changed every clock yesterday..... except for one - my cell phone. I thought it would adjust on its own. Apparently it didn't. Thing is, I use it as my alarm. So I set it last night, John Crichton woke me this morning, I got up, turned on the comp..... and for some reason I looked at my watch - and noticed I had overslept for a whole freaking hour! And only had 15 minutes to get to work which is 15 miles away, ARGH! I tell you.... I was *this* close to getting a heart attack! Got in the car, drove over and then the frelling parking lot close to work was closed cause they cut down the trees, like WTF! I had to take the one 4 blocks down the road...... I was panting like mad when I finally got into work. And I as ony 5 minutes late, but I swear to God... I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!
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