I swear to God, I hate Daylight Savings Time! I pretty much changed every clock yesterday..... except for one - my cell phone. I thought it would adjust on its own. Apparently it didn't. Thing is, I use it as my alarm. So I set it last night, John Crichton woke me this morning, I got up, turned on the comp..... and for some reason I looked at my watch - and noticed I had overslept for a whole freaking hour! And only had 15 minutes to get to work which is 15 miles away, ARGH! I tell you.... I was *this* close to getting a heart attack! Got in the car, drove over and then the frelling parking lot close to work was closed cause they cut down the trees, like WTF! I had to take the one 4 blocks down the road...... I was panting like mad when I finally got into work. And I as ony 5 minutes late, but I swear to God... I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!

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Totally with you. Stick with the time according to the Meridian Line I say. This shifting time twice a year is stupid. Just adjust (hee) work and school hours instead if you have to.

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Lol. We don't have daylight savings in Qld - we're like the only state in Aus that doesn't.
This whole thing is a complete novelty to me. I love it. *g*

Sorry to hear you had a bad day though. :(

Tell me, if my mate and I (who will be very bored when she comes to visit me) come to Nottingham... what interesting things can we see and do? (besides you, which I'm hoping to atleast sneak in a quick 30 second hi before I end up having to go back to Aus. :D)


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