So, a little while ago I ordered Time Squad figures from Forbidden Planet. I ordered the 5 pack set that includes Davros and the Doctor for me and for rhoboat. One package came in right away. I was a bit baffled cause I had ordered it twice. I sent FP an email, and they said they would fill the remaining order as soon as possible. Fine. I waited, and waited, and waited for the second package to come. I finally got an email about a week ago that my order was filled. The package arrived today. Just - it wasn't Pack 3 with the Doctor and Davros, it was Pack 1 they sent me, with a Sontaran, a Scarecrow and NO Doctor inside. ARGH! I looked at my invoice again, and it clearly said Pack 3 on it. So someone packed the wrong figures inside *headdesk* I sent FP an email about this. Hopefully they don't want me to send this back so they can sent me the right package cause that's gonna cost more than the figures are actually worth. I am just totally *headdesk* about this.
There, looky picture. LOL

Call me the ever forgetfull, but I finished this back in December and I have not posted it yet..... to my shame LOL

Song: Weapon of Choice
Artist: Fat Boy Slim

This video was done for Mr. Anderson who bought me at the last Sweet Charity auction. He wanted a D'Argo vid to this song, and this is the result. Hope you like it!




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