I caved and bought me a laptop. I found a deal for a Samsung lappy that was just too good to pass on. Both my parents have Samsung laptops and they are awesome.

I bought this one: http://notebook.samsung.de/produkte/detail12_specs.aspx?guid=c7d578ad-c3e6-45d1-aecc-c2b1fb7dee78

Specs (for those not reading German):
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Prozessor T3200 2,0 GHz 667 MHz
RAM: 4096 MB PC2-5300 (667 MHz), DDR2 SODIMM
Display: 15,4 inch SuperBright LCD-Display
DVD: DVD-Super-Multi Dual Layer
Battery time: 3.0 hours

It usually sells for around 699 Euros, but I got it for 499 Euros.... which is still less than my TA refund and my tax return LMAO And no, I didn't buy from eBay or anything.... LOL


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